Regional Talent Scout™

  • Comprehensive, pro-active Search & Selection service. 
  • Managed and delivered by our highly experienced Search Director
  • Impeccable track-record of recruiting skilled regional roles in Central Queensland.  
  • Tap into our extensive talent network locally, nationally & internationally.  
  • Source candidates with the right skills & motivation to fulfil your important, complex and challenging regional roles.  
  • We'll identify and engage with "passive" candidates who are unlikely to connect through job advertising and other methods used for mainstream positions. 
  • Simply hit the Buy link to register for a free meeting (phone or video) with our Search Director.
  • We'll gain a thorough understanding of the situation and provide you with a tailored proposal/strategy to meet your needs.   
  • A free, no-obligation consultation, strongly recommended for highly-skilled positions and senior roles.


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